Our goal is to build and sustain a supportive network of neighbors helping neighbors remain in their own homes and stay engaged in their community as they age.

Village services offered are a result of our resident survey, undertaken to determine what types of assistance were desired by the community. As the Village matures, services may be added, modified, or eliminated as a result of further input from residents.

Recipients of Village services receive benefits beyond the actual services they receive. Research has shown that benefits include an increased capacity to cope, reduced loneliness, and improved health status.

The Village experience, which is based on extensive volunteer contributions, benefits those individuals who volunteer, the members who receive their services and the community as a whole.

Direct Services from Volunteers
Members may request the help of our Village volunteers, who provide the many services listed below.  All volunteers are vetted and have participated in an orientation/training program.

Personal Contact and Social Visits
Our volunteers are available to check in, to say hello and make sure you are okay. You can choose to have these contacts by phone or in person, either on a regular basis or in case of a power outage or other emergency. Do you wish to take regular walks in the neighborhood and would like a companion? Volunteers can be scheduled to accompany you.

You can request a volunteer driver to take you where you need to go or run an errand for you. Typical destinations are grocery stores, doctors’ offices, meetings, and social and educational events, including those sponsored by our Village.

Household Assistance
Volunteers help members with a wide variety of indoor tasks, such as replacing a smoke detector battery or ceiling light, moving boxes or furniture from one room to another, replacing an A/C filter, and removing window screens. Outdoors, volunteers can clear a snowy walk, water plants, or clear storm debris. If you are away, volunteers might watch for mail or packages, or provide pet care.

Members may request a volunteer to help with computers, e-mail and internet services, remote controls, telephones, programmable thermostats, and other electronic devices.

Other benefits to membership
In an effort to enhance the quality of life for all members of our community, we offer the following other benefits to our members.

Consumer Resources
The Village will provide you with lists of professional service providers who perform a range of tasks necessary for the upkeep and maintenance of a house or apartment such as plumbers, carpenters, painter, handymen, computer experts, caterers, etc.

Educational and Social Events
Enjoy stimulating activities and new connections by attending educational, cultural, recreational and social programs sponsored by the Village. All programs will include an opportunity for social connections.

The Village also has the ability to make referrals to State, County, and private organizations that may meet the needs of your situation.

Important Note about Services: The ability of the Village to provide services is dependent upon the availability of our volunteers.  Naturally, the more notice we get from you, the more likely we will be able to find a volunteer willing and able to complete your request.  We send out a weekly listing of service requests, so a week or more notice for a service request is ideal. In emergency situations, we will forward individual requests to our volunteers.  We will always do our best to match a volunteer with your service request!