The Village at Kentlands & Lakelands is a membership program providing a range of support services to help members live in their own homes. The Village offers assistance with small tasks, transportation, resource information and social engagement.

There is no cost to join the Village pilot program and to benefit from membership services.
We anticipate that as the Village services and membership grows, the pilot program will close and the Village may initiate membership fees to support administrative and operational expenses.

We are part of a national movement that has grown as communities across the country have established neighborhood ā€œvillages,ā€ designed to help residents through services delivered by screened and trained volunteers.

Our Village members are able to easily schedule services by phone or email.

Our members benefit from:

  • Help with small household and yard tasks
  • Social visits
  • Computer, cell phone, and other technical assistance
  • Rides to doctors, shopping, and other destinations
  • Participation in social outings and activities, meeting neighbors, and making new friends
  • Information and referral to a wide variety of services

To learn more, become a member, or schedule services, contact us:
Village at Kentlands & Lakelands
Office: 217 Booth Street (Located in the Kentlands Manor)
Phone: 240-449-9002 / Email:

Or Contact Us Here!