The Village at Kentlands & Lakelands, a neighbors-helping-neighbors volunteer program, helps residents aged 55 years or older and those with disabilities of any age, live safer, happier lives in their own homes and community. Our pilot program is free and we invite your participation and donations.

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What is the Village at
Kentlands & Lakelands?

The Village at Kentlands & Lakelands is part of a national movement that began in 1999 when a group of community-minded people on Boston’s Beacon Hill decided they didn’t want old age to force them out of their home. They organized and began taking care of each other. This spirit of “neighbors helping neighbors” spread nationwide. It became known as the “Village Movement.”

Volunteers are screened and receive training so they may offer a range of services that include the following:

  • Help with small household and yard tasks
  • Social visits
  • Computer, cell phone, and other technical assistance
  • Rides to doctors, shopping, and other destinations
  • Participation in social outings and activities,
    meeting neighbors, and making new friends
  • Information and referral to a wide variety of services

Village services are easily scheduled by phone or email.

“Kentlands and Lakelands are special places where we can help each other thrive at every age.
We care about our neighbors and want to make a qualitative difference in everyone’s life.”
Village Volunteer

Thank you to our partners